Where Is My Georgia State Tax Refund?

Audrey M. Jones
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The Georgia Department of Revenue, located in Atlanta, offers online return and refund location programs. The Taxpayer Division of the Department assists state taxpayers with locating their return or refund over the phone during normal operating hours. Call 1-877-423-6711 if you have a question about the status of your refund.

Locating Your Georgia State Refund

The Online Refund Inquiry System on the Department of Revenue's website allows Georgia taxpayers to locate their refund. The program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is updated daily. It only provides information for the current year's tax return.

To locate their refund, users must provide their social security number and the amount of their estimated refund. The number must be exact.

Once submitted, the program will provide the refund's status: sent, in progress or unknown. A sent refund means that it should be on the way to you. If you have not yet received your refund, contact the Taxpayer Division. An "in progress" status means that the Department has received your return, but not yet completed its review of it or issued you a refund check. An "unknown" status means that your return has not been received, indicating that you should contact the Taxpayer Division.

Refunds for electronically submitted returns require 6-10 days to process. Refunds for paper returns require 10-12 weeks to process. Information for both types of returns is available through the online system.

Locating Your Return

If you filed a paper return and more than 12 weeks have passed, but received an "unknown" status when trying to locate your refund, you can try to find your return online. The Online Refund Inquiry System also provides information about returns.

Users must provide their social security number and last name. If the return was filed jointly by a married couple, the social security number of the first taxpayer listed on the return must be used. This rule also applies to the provided last name.

Once submitted, the program will state whether the return's status is in progress or unknown. An "in progress" return is being reviewed by the Department. An "unknown" return indicates that the Department did not receive the taxpayer's return. If you receive a response that the status of your return is unknown, contact the Taxpayer Division.

Claiming Your Refund

If you believe you are entitled to a refund, but have not yet received one, use the Department of Revenue's online system. If you are still unable to locate your refund or return online, contact the Taxpayer Division directly.

Where Is My Georgia State Tax Refund?